Our Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Culture

We prioritize people – clients and employees alike. That's what sets us apart and that's exactly how we work. We hold ourselves to high professional standards, collaboratively developing practical and sustainable solutions with our clients. In doing so, we focus on automation, the latest technologies, and optimized processes.

Appreciation and Trust for Successful Collaboration

We see ourselves as partners. This means that we always see our clients as people, listen to them, and demonstrate understanding. Only then can we accompany them on their individual paths. In doing so, we emphasize our empathetic, appreciative, and partnership-based approach, both towards our clients and within the team. We value the diversity of our workforce and utilize its benefits in order to achieve maximum performance for us as a team and for our clients.

Expertise and Fun for the Best Results

We strive to provide optimal advice to our clients and aim for excellence in everything we do. We are convinced that professional excellence is a success factor in meeting the growing needs of our clients. At the same time, we never lose sight of our enthusiasm of continuously expanding our professional knowledge and acquiring new skills.

Digital Tools and Open Mindset for Agile Processes

We keep pace with the times and are not satisfied with the status quo. We are curious and open to innovative solutions and optimized processes. Digitalization plays a key role in our agile day-to-day work. We serve digitally and internationally orientated clients, utilizing modern tools and state-of-the-art technology.

"For us, trust is the key to success in a constantly changing world. With the certainty that we trust and are being trusted, we improve together every day and solve challenging problems with focus."

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Our BERGZWEI Team Culture

We focus on the team. Always. We empower every team member to contribute their talents and deliver excellent work for our clients with commitment. Trust, respect, and appreciation in our interactions with people are fundamental values for us. Everyone should be able to grow personally and enjoy their day-to-day work with a sense of humor.

With Trust Comes Strength

The core of our values is trust. We give each other the benefit of the doubt and have the courage to address even uncomfortable issues. In our day-to-day work, this attitude is reflected in the early assignment of responsible tasks. Trust also gives us the confidence to openly address mistakes.

We Live Openness

We promote respect and appreciation by always treating each other politely and kindly. If we disagree, we question our point of view and remain open and unreserved to other opinions. At the same time, it is important to us to give honest feedback in the form of praise, criticism, and tips.

Team Spirit

Sometimes, specific topics become challenging, the workload unexpectedly increases, or the onboarding phase becomes overwhelming. In such cases, it is natural to seek help and support within the team. It's good to proactively ask for support, but we also understand if someone can't help immediately.